2012/12/31 Belgian traveling

I made another gallery of Belgium, it'll contain all the cities and places I visited in there. For now, it's Antwerpen and Liége.

2012/12/23 Seaside of Belgium: photos

So I gave myself a little present one day before Christmas and made this seaside photo collection online... The rest of pictures from Belgium will follow... sooner or later

2012/12/09 Contemporary dance studio photos

2012/11/27 VM12

I documented the 12th Visual Manual and made a gallery in here.

2012/11/27 Little Cloud

I founded a label called Little Cloud, which is meant to be a branch of my family-event and portrait photography. As I'm still not sure whether some stuff belongs in here or there, there might be some duplicit posts... Be prepared :) See that little icon under the menu? It will lead you there.

2012/07/19 New project

2012/07/07 New portrait selection

This is something i wanted to do for ages: a selection of not exactly portraits, let's say of photographs of people being aware of being photographed. Various cameras, places and time.

2012/05/30 Soon!

I've been on a last photo-visit of Doel and i cannot wait to finish the entire project. Here is some starter!

2012/05/15 Spring...

A week ago I silently enjoyed my 25th birthday hidden in my room for the whole day while writing an essay to accomplish one semminar (I passed it, yahoo). But surprisingly I got one present indeed: it was a roll of 35mm film taken in Belgium full of pictures that I really like (happened for the first time, actually, my photos of Belgium, especially Gent, are mostly full of crap). This roll could celebrate its jubileum as well: it's the 60th roll of film I exposed (I started to count them to handle them easier since I took up analog photography 3 years ago). This set of five photographs I decided to present first because I have a feeling it's bursting with spring and a bit of rain (part of it).

2012/05/11 Sarah, Rick

Sarah Rick

2012/04/24 Time of the Thieves

I'm glad to announce that I've been interviewed by Time of the Thieves, a fantastic blog-zine. Explore it a bit, it's full of interesting interviews about photographs and circumstances in which they were made. PERMALINK

2012/04/19 Istanbul

We've been on a school trip! A new set in a gallery

2012/04/16 Van Katoen

Last weekend I was photographing a beneficient event. It was a crowded and colourful day full of beautiful situations. Check the gallery.

2012/03/10 Jean and his skeptic dog

This seaside part of Belgium starts to be very fetching for me. I'm thinking about making some small extra project. These photos vere taken there, too.

2012/03/10 Gilbert

A very first photo of my current mini-project. Meet Gilbert. More photos will come.

2012/02/23 New doggie photo

New "doggie tribute" photograph... well... newly added.

2012/02/22 Birds exhibition pictures

Two very special moments connected by a type of the event.

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